Sustainable Design

Our team also includes extensive experience on sustainable projects.


RIM currently has a total of 18 LEED Accredited Professionals. The firm has achieved certification for 32 projects with 12 additional projects in the process of being certified; this includes 4 Platinum, 9 Gold, 16 Silver, and 3 LEED Certifications.


We understand the local site conditions, building codes, work-flow logistics, construction challenges, supply chain logistics, skilled labor shortages, ADA requirements, and regulations pertaining to our projects.


Climate Conditions

Our staff brings a keen understanding of the unique climatic conditions that impact these areas: typhoon winds, high humidity, salt corrosive environments, seismic activity, snow erosion, airflow, and other aspects.


We bring the technical proficiency to analyze building conditions, work well with the local community, and make highly informed recommendations with respect to the associated cost implications of various options.