85 Bluxome in San Francisco Is Featured in US Resiliency Council Publication


Images of 85 Bluxome provided by BCCI Construction and Blake Marvin Photography

85 Bluxome in San Francisco Is Featured in US Resiliency Council Publication

Michelle Jones, Managing Principal of RIM Architects’ Western Region, and the 85 Bluxome project (RIM was designer and architect of record) are featured in a publication written by Ron Mayes and Sharyl Rabinovici for the US Resiliency Council (USRC). Using case studies, including 85 Bluxome in San Francisco, this article highlights the growing demand for resilient design in today’s architectural world.

According to the article, “it is important to note that pursuing and achieving a USRC rating provides additional benefits both financial and intangible, benefits that clients do not have to wait for an earthquake to realize. For instance, the case of 85 Bluxome in San Francisco demonstrates the competitive advantage that resilient design can bestow in a tight market. ZFA, the engineer of record, secured a USRC Gold Rating for this project.”
Michelle Jones at RIM Architects on the design team says her clients immediately perceived the increased marketability. “The type of tenant that is interested in leasing space in a building in San Francisco is very savvy. They’re looking for buildings… certified for creating wellness and interior spaces… Our developer/owner was absolutely ecstatic to be able to add a [USRC rating] to the mix. Now he has an asset, which he intends to hold for years and years, that is very easily marketable. And, in comparison to other assets or other projects that tenants can lease, this project is going to stand out.”

To read the entire article, visit https://cdn.ymaws.com/www.seaoc.org/resource/resmgr/files/2020_uscr_article_seaoc_talk/_1__an_update_from_usrc.pdf