We emphasize technical specifications and design details that focus on safety, flexibility, innovation, sustainability, and continuity for architecture that embodies timelessness.


RIM focuses on partnering with you to positively transform our communities through excellent architecture. Whether you define excellence as creativity, innovation, experience, sustainability, economics, technical problem-solving, timely delivery, or simply a fun process.


Good design is more than just a pretty picture. It is holistic, contextual, emotional, and rational. Each project allows us to explore fresh concepts and solutions in concert with the project location, the building architecture, and the brand identity of the client. Our thoughtful selection of materials, lighting, furnishings, and art stress artfully balanced spaces while maximizing functionality, intelligence, and the budget.


RIM’s vision of enriching communities and shaping the future is the impetus for our focus in designing and developing projects in the built environment through reduced environmental impacts, enhanced occupant wellness, and resiliency.  


The first step is to gather information and establish a framework for successful project delivery. Second, evaluating the project site is critical in determining the opportunities and constraints the site offers. Next, the building fitment and operational demands is checked against the circulation patterns, view potential, formal compatibility, and appearance. Each of these components bears a direct influence on the site’s design.


RIM is strategically located in several distinct cities with unique cultures and histories. As such, RIM takes great pride in preserving local history, ranging from national parks, historic military bases, small Alaskan villages, and the diverse Hawaiian culture. We have decades of experience maintaining those historical and cultural landmarks while also updating vital systems, structural stability, and functionality for the present and future.


RIM seeks to capture, distill, and solidify a client’s unique personality and communicate that back to the marketplace. Architecture presents an opportunity to reinforce the client’s identity and bring the emotional, psychological, and visceral connections of branding to the built environment.