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RIM is recognized for its diversity in regional design expertise with offices strategically located in Anchorage, Alaska; San Francisco and Tustin, California; Hagatña, Guam; and Honolulu, Hawaii.


James E. Dougherty,
Managing Principal
907-258-7777 ph
907-917-5441 fax

645 G Street, Suite 400
Anchorage, Alaska 99501 

San Francisco

Michelle Jones,
Managing Principal
415-247-0400 ph
415-276-2994 fax 

639 Front Street, 2nd Floor
San Francisco, California 94111


Dana Charles Aiken,
Managing Principal
714-505-0500 ph
714-824-8647 fax 

191 E. Main Street, Suite 2D
Tustin, California 92780 


Brent L. Wiese,
Managing Principal
671-477-2111 ph
671-477-2125 fax

316 Hernan Cortez Avenue, Suite 300 Hagatña, Guam 96910 


Eddie Ebert,
Managing Principal
808-550-0844 ph
808-468-9941 fax

55 Merchant Street, Suite 1400 Honolulu, Hawaii 96813