BART Headquarters

ROLE: Lead Architect
CLIENT: Bay Area Rapid Transit
PHOTOGRAPHY: Tyler Chartier
  • International Partnering Institute: Diamond Award, John L. Martin Partnered Project of the Year
  • International Partnering Institute: Sue Dyer Innovation Award
  • ENR California: Best Interior/Tenant Improvement Project

In collaboration with Turner Construction, RIM Architects designed this 250,000 SF restack and relocation of Bay Area Rapid Transit’s (BART) headquarters to a newly acquired building in Oakland, California. This progressive design-build project involved 10 floors, and a roof deck, and shifted the internal space from a traditional arrangement to a primarily open office configuration with strategically positioned private offices at key locations.

Time was the most critical project component the team faced, as BART needed to move out of their current leased space and relocate to their new headquarters in Downtown Oakland in a little less than a year from the time of project kickoff.