Paradise Inn Annex

ROLE: Architect
CLIENT: National Park Service

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, as a National Historic Landmark, the Paradise Inn Annex in Mount Rainier National Park (Washington) reopened following a 19-month closure of the Annex wing for rehabilitation and upgrading. The massive effort, led by RIM, encompassed extensive work on both the interior and exterior, performed during severe winter conditions and at 5,400 feet altitude.    

Originally constructed in 1920, the 2017-2019 restoration/renovation of the Annex brought the structure up to date with current seismic and life/safety codes. Not only was the exterior stone foundation preserved, but original interior features such as crown molding and windows were meticulously restored. Key components of this project included removal of previous undesirable modernizations to the interior of the building, the reintroduction of the Annex’s historic interior and exterior appearance, and the retainage of the few remaining defining materials. Additionally, the work included electrical, plumbing, fire safety, and seismic code compliance as well as soundproofing, insulation, energy efficient lighting, and more.