Samuel Simmonds Memorial Hospital

ROLE: Architect 
CLIENT: Arctic Slope Native Corporation
CONSULTANT: HDR (Healthcare Architect)

The new Samuel Simmonds Memorial Hospital was designed to facilitate preventative medical care and foster an ongoing medical relationship with the inhabitants of the North Slope communities. With local input, RIM created a design that serves as a destination for the community; provides quality care and healing; supports the needs of the body, mind and spirit; embraces cultural sensitivities; supports family-centered care in a safe environment; and supports efficient staff, patient, and material flow.   

The facility creates a sense of place by embracing its location and culture, supporting family-centered care, and allowing flexibility for current and future patient needs and staff workflow. The two-story structure was constructed on piles to address the Arctic environment in this northernmost hospital in the United States. All cold-climate design principles were applied to the design and construction. Due to its remote location, careful planning and phasing of the construction was required.  

The architecture draws inspiration from the building’s surroundings, paying close attention to the unique characteristics of the city of Barrow, far-northern daylighting, and the use of color.